Home Backup Generators

Whether it’s a high-powered storm, an equipment malfunction, or a cut power line, Pullin Electric has the standby Generac generator that will keep your household running regardless of the power outage threat you face. You can protect your family’s comfort and safety with a Generac home standby generator that senses outages and turns itself on within seconds when there’s an electrical power outage. Preferred by 7 of 10 homeowners who invest in home backup power system, Generac is known for delivering quality, power, and security in emergency home energy solutions.

Pullin Electric is proud to be a select Generac dealer, providing installation and service for the number one standby generator on the market. Contact Pullin Electric now to schedule your no-obligation in-home energy assessment, and know without question your power can weather any storm.

What will happen during my FREE in-home assessment?

As an authorized Generac dealer, expert in helping customers like you select a home backup generator system, your Pullin Electric professionals will discuss your backup power needs with you to recommend the standby power system best for your situation and needs. They will explain the installation process, and help decide the best location to install your generator. After they provide you with your free, written estimate you will have all the information you need to make an informed purchase with no obligation to buy.

Don’t wait for a disaster to strike your home...We can help you identify and resolve your emergency power needs with a reliable Generac generator to prevent an unnecessary power crisis! Contact Pullin Electric today to schedule your no-obligation in-home assessment, and know with certainty your power can weather any storm.

Pullin Electric is uniquely qualified to provide you with the standby generator system that suits your needs.