Company FAQs

Got questions? We have answers. Our FAQs sections is full of the most commonly asked customer questions answered by our expert electrical technicians.

What makes a Generac backup or standby generator a good investment for my home?

Generac, founded in 1959, invented the standby power generator to fill a critical need by delivering uninterrupted electrical power to your home when the utility company cannot. Protecting food safety, keeping security and computer systems operating, and powering whatever medical or other devices you may need for the comfort and care of your family.

Decades later, Pullin Electric is proud to be an authorized Generac dealer. As with all mechanical equipment, annual preventative maintenance and annual maintenance contracts are recommended to give you a worry-free backup power experience. Since all generators require simple maintenance with periodic oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable electrical service, we are here to provide those vital services for you.

What benefits can I recognize by installing an emergency standby generator for my business?

Can your business afford to be without power for an extended period of time?

According to the Department of Energy electric utility companies in the U.S. reported 362 physical and cyber attacks that caused outages or power disturbances between 2011 and 2014. 14 incidents were cyber attacks and the rest involved physical infrastructure damage. Other than the obvious loss of sales revenue, business owners and managers must be aware of the insidious ways a power outage could affect their operation, from lost security, data and productivity, to attacks on your business reputation.

Who can put a price on the knowledge that your business is free from the threats unleashed by a loss of power? Contact Pullin Electric to talk about how we can help you protect your business assets and opportunities not if, but when the power goes out.

Why is Pullin Electric the right electrical contractor for my commercial project?

Family-owned and operated, Pullin Electric is focused on meeting the needs of your business and clientele. With top-selling Generac generators and over 35 years of experience with commercial electrical projects, we go the extra mile to ensure the electrical work you receive is safe, expertly installed, and properly maintained for years of energy security no matter what power disruptions may come your way. At Pullin Electric, your business power needs come first.

Well-trained, fully licensed and insured, we bring you the very best of what the electric industry has to offer wrapped in our first-class customer service.

What does Pullin Electric offer to protect local homeowners from interruptions in their electrical supply?

If you have experienced a power outage event of any magnitude, you know how important it is to have power to ensure your water supply, heat or air conditioning, food preservation, communication capabilities, and provide for those in your household who may have special medical equipment or needs.

Pullin Electric is an authorized Generac Dealer, with generator sales, installation, and service experience to deliver energy solutions that exactly meet the requirements of your household. Contact us to learn more about our services and how Generac standby generators deliver power in every circumstance.

How can a Generac standby generator solve potential power disruption issues for my business?

Since 1959, Generac has designed and manufactured backup power generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications. A Generac standby generator provides you with a reliable backup power source in the event your electric supply is cut-off for any reason. From continuous security to protecting valuable business data and equipment, trust Generac to be there in the threat of any emergency. Contact the trained electricians at Pullin Electric, and we will come to your business and perform a custom power risk assessment for FREE, with no obligation to you. We will walk you through your emergency power supply options and find the standby Generac power system that meets your specific needs.