Automated Home Systems for Centreville, VA Homes

We find automated homes in entertainment like the Star Trek series and the recent film, Ex Machina. These are examples of science fiction, but the adaptations that tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg make to their home are so cutting-edge, they blur the line between science fiction and science fact.

For automated home systems in Centreville, VA, Pullin Electric provides the latest technology to link your home and appliances with your computers and hand-held devices into a personal, residential network. What we provide to help you control your environment, turn on your security, and tell what is in your refrigerator can amaze you.

Pullin Electric Inc. started 35 years ago as a family-owned electrical service company. We ran electrical wire into homes and repaired kitchen appliances. Today, we are a full-service, electrical contractor. In addition to our Centreville, VA automated home systems, we also install wireless networks, routers, generators for commercial and residential use, and security systems that include digital cameras, DVR support, and indoor/outdoor lighting throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the D.C. metro area.

To turn your home into what is often called a ‘smart house,’ we custom-design everything. Our planners determine which appliances are in your home, the number and type of lights, the HVAC (heating and air system), the number of internet devices, network usage, and your personal preferences and expectations for the home.

Each factor is important. Even if an appliance is ‘smart house’ capable, not every model works with every automated system. We want to make certain you can access everything from the coffee maker to the washing machine with a touch. In some cases, we change light fixtures or the bulbs and tubes for the same reason.

If there is a business operated from home, this often means an increase in internet speed is needed. For homes with children and teenagers, multiple devices are in use at peak hours. We make certain to meet the needs of everyone while keeping parental controls in place. All of it can be password accessed or tied to only a restricted number of devices.

We do not end our service after installation. Pullin Electric experts study new and trending technologies to determine which ones are applicable for our Centreville, VA automated home systems customers. If there is a problem with any issue, we maintain a 24-hour response service to troubleshoot the problem over the phone or on the ‘net. If we cannot correct the problem remotely, we send a team to your home as soon as possible.

Turning your home into something from a movie or a tech mogul retreat requires the latest technology and the expertise to install it. For the best possible automated home system in your Centreville, VA residence, contact Pullin Electric today. Call us at (571) 428-2326 for a quote.