Automated Home Systems for Potomac, MD Homes

Residents are amazed, puzzled and excited by the automated home systems now available in Potomac, MD. Want to turn on the oven while you’re 25 miles away at work? Easy to do with your smartphone. Worried you forgot to lock the door? Check an app, and if you forgot, one click will lock it.

Called the Internet of Things, this automation is bringing science fiction to reality in the average home. It uses a mix of apps for mobile devices, high-tech gadgets, and systems installed by electrical experts, like the team at Pullin Electric. The technology is making life easier in a variety of ways.

Even at work, miles away from your house, you can now:

  • Open your door for a repair person, and lock it when he leaves
  • Turn on your oven and cook your dinner
  • Turn on the air conditioning
  • Turn on the heat
  • Open and close the blinds
  • Take a look at what’s outside the house as seen through your security camera

Automated home systems in Potomac, MD, can make your life much simpler, as well as more interesting. Have you ever worried that you or your child forgot to lock the door? It’s easy to check and lock it if you did forget. This type of convenience reduces unnecessary trips home to check. It makes you more productive and less worried.

It can save you money too. By turning on the heat before you leave from work, or turning off air conditioning when no one is home, your energy use is more efficient. That means lower utility bills each month.

Tired of taking a vacation day when you need to wait for the dishwasher repair person? Now you can check his credentials via your security camera, let him into the house, and lock the door when he leaves—all from work. It saves time but also keeps your home secure. You have total control over who gets in and who stays out.

The experts at Pullin Electric can install the most advanced automated home systems in Potomac, MD. The company has 35 years of experience in the area and a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. The skilled electricians take pride in a job well done, using the most advanced training and tools available.

Pullin Electric is a full-service electrical company, helping homes and businesses with wiring, automation, security and electrical jobs. These include new construction and remodeling wiring, LED lighting, security lighting, cameras and DVR systems, and appliance installation. They also sell and service quality generators for commercial and residential use.

For a free, no-obligation quote for automated home systems in Potomac, MD, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.