Backup Generators for Manassas, VA Homes

A backup generator in Manassas, VA, helps families stay comfortable even if a storm has cut the power. Pullin Electric installs Generac generators in homes and businesses in the area because they know it is the most dependable and durable model on the market.

The right generator provides families with peace of mind in a storm. They can read, use electronics, entertain themselves and handle normal, everyday chores without worry. This is a major improvement over tripping over furniture while trying to keep a candle lit or get a flashlight to work.

What Does a Backup Generator Do?

A backup generator in Manassas, VA, made by Generac and installed by Pullin Electric, keeps the power in a home or business steady even if the power goes off. A storm can damage equipment, a tree can fall on wires and the grid can develop problems. It is no longer a major concern when a generator is in place.

The generator is connected directly to the home’s or business’ natural gas or propane supply. This means there are no worries about filling it from a gas can. The generator delivers power directly to the electrical panel. There is no need to put cords all over the house to move electricity from the generator to the appliances. It happens automatically.

Also automatic is the startup of the generator. As soon as it senses that the power has gone off, it immediately starts up. The homeowner or business owner doesn’t need to be present.

Why Does Pullin Electric Sell Generac?

Pullin Electric stocks the Generac backup generator in Manassas, VA, because it is the #1 model in the country, with 7 out of 10 homeowners who use backup power choosing it. Generac has been in business since 1959. They were pioneers in the residential backup power field, developing the first effective motor.

Generac makes whole house models and portable units in a wide range of sizes and strengths. These are suitable for homes, businesses and factories. Families and employees stay safe, comfortable and productive.

Trust the Generator Experts

Pullin Electric has been helping local homes and businesses for over 35 years. They have earned a reputation for reliability, competitive prices and quality customer service. They understand how essential it is to keep all things electrical in excellent shape.

Pullin is known for attention to detail and superior workmanship. They use only the best products and materials in all their jobs, big and small.

Pullin is a full-service electrical contractor, serving both the residential and commercial sectors, for jobs like:

  • Generator installation
  • Wiring for septic and well water systems
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Security systems, including DVR, cameras and lighting
  • Data and low voltage wiring
  • Wiring for new construction

For a free, no-obligation quote for a backup generator in Manassas, VA, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.