Best Home Generator for Potomac, MD Homeowners

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to deal with the aftermath of a major storm. The power is going to fail, perhaps for days. When it does, do you have a plan? Do you have backup power supply? If you don’t, you need one sooner, rather than later. While there’s no one “best” home generator in Potomac, MD, there are a number of attractive options available. We’ll give you some recommendations just below.

The Go-To Choice (Gas-Powered Generator)

Gas-powered generators are the default choice and the first thing that people tend to think about when the subject of backup power comes up in conversation. It’s not hard to understand why. They’re relatively inexpensive, readily available, and they provide generous amounts of power for the money spent.

Our pick for the best gas-powered home generator in Potomac, MD is the Generac line of generators. Not only are they rugged, well-designed machines that are built to last, but they’re also offered in a variety of sizes ranging from a fairly modest 7.l5kw, all the way up to a staggering 150kW of backup power. Once you determine what your needs are, you can buy a perfectly-sized Generac and have all the emergency and backup power you need.

A Solar Generator

The biggest drawback of a gas-powered generator is that it requires you to keep a fairly big supply of gas on hand in case the lights go out. That can be highly inconvenient and creates several problems of its own, especially if you’re planning for an extended outage.

Solar generators then are a great solution to the problem, but there’s a catch. Solar generators are much more expensive and provide less power (and then, only if the sun’s out). Even so, in certain situations, they can be the perfect solution.

Our pick for the best solar-powered home generator in Potomac, MD is the Nature PowerPak Portable Solar Generator. As mentioned, it’s expensive and will only produce 1800 Watts of power at peak performance. If you’re going to go this route, you’ll want to do some advance planning, which includes switching to LED lights and low-energy appliances. Even then, you’ll have to be selective about what you plug in. The upshot, though, is that it doesn’t matter how long the lights stay out for – you’ll have basic functionality, regardless.

A Multi-Tool

This piece wouldn’t be complete without giving a shout out to the Raven. Consider it to be the Swiss Army Knife of portable generators.

At first glance, it’s a lawnmower, but it’s a lawnmower with skills. The cutting deck can be removed, turning it into an ATV, capable of providing emergency transportation in the event that the roads are closed. It’s also a 7kW generator, capable of providing enough power to run the essentials. How’s that for awesome?