Commercial Electrician for Centreville, VA Homes and Businesses

In Centreville, VA, a commercial electrician is needed for businesses where the public is in the middle of the operation. A restaurant, bakery, and other storefront operations that have customers on the premises whenever the doors are open for business are examples of where this type of electrician performs his best work.

Unlike their industrial counterparts, Pullin Electric commercial electricians focus on daily operations. They perform fewer, major installations, and focus more on lower voltage property and keeping the structure’s wiring and electrical components functioning in a safe and efficient manner. These team members also make repairs to existing equipment and replace or upgrade specific items when needed for better operation of the business. When needed, they can also maintain and repair higher voltage items like the heating and air conditioning system.

Everything starts with the structural wiring. Pullin electricians check every inch they can see and test the rest of it to ensure proper current flow and that everything is connected properly from the outlet in the manager’s office to the service panel on the outside wall of the facility. Once the wiring passes inspection, team members ensure the service panel is connected, grounded, and properly labeled.

One of the primary jobs in every business is lighting. Our electricians check every fixture to make certain it is properly connected into the building’s wiring and correctly grounded. They also make certain the bulbs (fluorescent, CPL, etc.) do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wattage.

Another common issue for a commercial electrician in Centreville, VA businesses is the equipment. Industrial grade items such as ovens and presses have to be hard-wired into the structural grid. They also require better grounding than plug-in items like a toaster or a refrigerator. Once connected and operating, each item needs an annual inspection to make sure everything stays safe for employees to operate.

Almost every modern business lives as much on its connectivity as anything else today. Our commercial electricians are fully qualified to install, upgrade, and maintain low voltage wiring and equipment needed for uninterrupted computer operations to include sales and inventory in all but the worst disasters.

Then there is Pullin Electric’s specialty; standby generator power systems. All of our commercial electricians are trained to determine what size generator each business requires, quickly install it as part of the structural grid, and then maintain it according to the needs and budget of the business owner.

Regardless of the size or type of operation, Pullin Electric has a commercial electrician ideal for your Centreville, VA business. No matter if you need to upgrade to LED lighting or perform an annual inspection of the wiring and outlets, we are here for you. Call us today at (571) 428-2326 to schedule a service call and get the process started.