Commercial Electrician for Manassas, VA Homes and Businesses

As the top-rated commercial electrician in Manassas, VA, our family-run business can help you and your family in more ways than first meet the eye. After all, modern life simply wouldn’t be possible without electricity and no matter what business you’re in, you almost certainly couldn’t even operate without it.

Just try to imagine a typical business day without power? If your business has anything to do with food, it’s a non-starter right out the gate because no electricity means no refrigeration, but that’s just the start. How would you prepare food? How could you keep your doors open in the absence of running water, flushing toilets, or lights? It’s not a pretty picture.

It’s also impossible to imagine expanding your business without the services of a good commercial electrician in Manassas, VA. Whether you’re building your own commercial space or leasing one from someone else, it’s all but a given that you’re going to require some wiring additions or reconfigurations to make the space workable for you.

While those types of things are important, the simple truth is that any reasonably competent commercial electrician in Manassas, VA is capable of doing that kind of work. If you’re looking for an electrician you can work with for as long as you’re in business and as long as you live in the region, you want more than just the basics. So what other kinds of things can a world-class electrician offer?

Here are two examples of what we bring to the table:

Backup Power Generation

It’s a statistical certainty. At some point, the power is going to fail. The exact reason that causes the outage is irrelevant from a practical point of view. Could be a severe winter storm, a hurricane, a hacking attack, or a simple accident. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. The lights go out, and they stay out for days, and perhaps even weeks at a time.

When that happens, it’s not only going to pull the plug on your business but since you also live in the area, it’s going to disrupt your home life. Do you have a plan in place to deal with it when it occurs? If you don’t, you’re going to be in the same boat as everyone else, totally reliant on someone else to get your lights turned back on. Until that happens, your business is going to be bleeding red ink.

Most people deal with a power outage in one of three ways:

  • They soldier on as best they can without power until the lights come back on
  • They rely on friends or family
  • Or they flee to the nearest hotel that still has power

Needless to say, all of these rudimentary strategies leave a lot to be desired.

The first one really isn’t a solution at all. It’s more of a coping mechanism. Sans power, you just tell yourself you’re camping and get by as best you can. That approach can work on a personal level if the outage doesn’t last too long, but if it goes on for more than three or four days, you’re going to find yourself in real trouble.

Even the basics like cooking, or flushing your toilet will become virtually impossible, and in short order, your home will become all but unlivable.

Obviously, there’s no realistic way you can open or run a business under those conditions, so if you take this approach, you’re simply resigning yourself to not being in business until the power comes back.

Relying on friends and family who have power will certainly improve your personal situation, although you do run the very real risk of straining, or even breaking longstanding personal relationships by spending too many days living like a refugee at a friend or family member’s house, but again, that’s not going to do anything to get the doors of your business open, so from a business perspective, it’s no different than just toughing it out at home.

The hotel option will improve your personal situation further still, but has the drawback of being dreadfully expensive. This is simple supply and demand at work. Lots of other people no doubt have the same idea, which is going to raise the price of nearby hotel rooms, so you’re going to pay a premium for the relative personal comfort and again, it’s not going to do a thing to get your business back up and running.

Obviously then, none of those are really viable solutions from a business perspective. The good news is that since you know with absolute certainty that it’s going to happen, you can plan for that eventuality and manage your risk, and as the top rated commercial electrician in Manassas, VA, we can help you do that.

What we’re talking about here is backup power generation. Consider it to be incredibly inexpensive, cost-effective insurance against the inevitability of an outage. Also, consider a backup power generation system to be an important strategic business asset.

After all, if you’re the only, or one of just a handful of businesses to have the lights back on and be open for business in the immediate aftermath of an outage in your area, business can’t really do anything but boom and you’re well-positioned to help your friends and neighbors over the worst of it. Those are very good things.

Before you break out your credit card to buy something though, let’s take a step back. There’s a process involved in buying a generator that will ensure you don’t spend more than you need to and that you wind up with enough generating capacity to get the job done.

The first step in that process is the energy audit. We recommend doing two of them: One for your home and one for your business, and invest in a backup power system for both.

You can find a number of spreadsheets online that are specifically designed to allow you to go room by room, appliance by appliance and create a map of your total energy footprint. Doing so will not only tell you how much power you’re using on a monthly basis, but it will also show you exactly which appliances are the biggest contributors to your monthly power bill.

That’s good information, and it has power, because in the medium to longer term, you can begin to retire energy-hogging appliances or equipment and replace them with high-efficiency models. The other thing it will do, of course, is tell you exactly how much generating power you need.

Armed with this information you can then make some hard decisions. Unless you feel the overwhelming need to run absolutely everything, you can start crossing appliances and equipment off the list to create a minimum level of functionality that’s just enough to tide you over and keep your business running until the lights come back on.

No two people and no two businesses are alike here, so what you feel you can live without will differ from the next person, but in the end, you’ll arrive at a number. An amount of power you absolutely need to generate to allow your business to function.

That informs the size of the generator you need.

If that feels overwhelming to you, we can help. As the #1 commercial electrician in Manassas, VA, we not only perform energy audits, but we also carry a full line of world-class Generac generators and can make a professional recommendation about which one would best meet your needs. We can also install it for you, train you on its use, and put you on a preventive maintenance program so you won’t have to worry or wonder if the generator will work when you need it to.

Home and Office Automation

Another valuable service we offer is home and office automation. We’ve been hearing about the promise of automation for decades and technology has finally caught up to the hype. The most logical place to start is to install a smart thermostat for you, but there are a growing number of smart appliances that can all be tied into a business automation system that will give you a simply unprecedented level of control over your energy usage that can save you a tremendous amount of money on your monthly power bills, which will add handsomely to your business’ bottom line.

These are the kinds of things that not just any electrician can do, but then, you don’t want just any electrician. You want the very best the region has to offer. Call us today.