Commercial Electrician for McLean, VA Homes and Businesses

Whatever business you’re in, sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself in need of a good commercial electrician in Mclean, MD. It’s simple math. If your business is growing and expanding, your power requirements will almost certainly expand right along with it. If you move into a bigger building, you may need to have it wired for three-phase power, or at the very least, have a few extra outlets added.

Those kinds of things are just the basics, though. Just about any reasonably competent electrician can handle that. If you expect more than just the basics from whatever electrician you opt to work with, you’re in luck. Our family has been in the business for decades, and in that time, we’ve built a reputation for excellence by going the extra mile. If you’re wondering what that means, here are a couple of examples:


We’ve been hearing about the promise of automation for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that the technology finally caught up with the hype. As the #1 commercial electrician in Mclean, MD, we’ve worked hard to stay right on the bleeding edge of the technology and are well-equipped to help you totally automate your business, giving you more control over the amount of electricity you use than you ever thought possible.

Control simply for its own sake isn’t all that valuable though. By allowing us to install a smart thermostat, and by taking our recommendations about adding smart appliances over the medium to longer term, you can control them all from a simple, intuitive app on your phone. If you’re intrigued, call our office today and let’s talk about the possibilities.

Backup Power Generation

Sooner or later, the power is going to fail. It’s a mathematical certainty. When it does, the faster you can get the lights turned back on and open your doors again for business, the less of a hit you’ll take to your bottom line.

For that reason alone, a backup generator just makes sense, but there are scores of models on the market and choosing the right one and the right size can be a daunting task. We can help simplify the process.

As the top-rated commercial electrician in Mclean, MD, not only do we install and maintain generators for some of our clients, but we also perform home and business energy audits, and we carry a complete line of world-class Generac generators. We’ll be more than happy to help you analyze your energy usage and make a professional recommendation about the right generator for your business.

Don’t settle for just the basics. Demand more from your electrician. And whatever your electrical needs are, give our office a call. We’ll be there when you need us.