Electrical Installations for Centreville, VA Homes and Businesses

Pullin Electric is proud to have been serving Maryland, Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area for more than thirty-five years. Their highly trained technicians are licensed and insured, and can perform all types of electrical installations for their Centreville, MD clients. They pride themselves on keeping up with the latest technology, and offer cutting edge products and electrical services at a competitive price. The family owned electrical contracting company is dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of their customers, and offer a wide range of electrical services.

Whether it is installing new wiring or a completely new electrical system, the team at Pullin Electric is more than qualified to get the project completed on time and up to industry standards. When they are contracted for electrical installations on a Centreville, MD property, residents can rest assured that every detail will be double checked. Not only does this ensure that the electrical system is functioning optimally, but that it is also safe. Some of the things that Pullin Electric will watch for include,

  • Wiring issues
  • Appliances overheating
  • Scorch marks in the electrical box
  • Water near electrical fittings

If they discover any issues during the electrical installation on the Centreville, MD property, Pullin Electric will take immediate steps to rectify the problem. Any of these can cause electrical shock or even result in damaging fire. These potential issues alone should be enough for any homeowner to trust their electrical job to the experts. It should also be noted that most insurance policies will not cover damage due to faulty electric installation if the project was not completed by a licensed professional.

When safety is a priority, as it should be, it only makes sense to contact the professionals. This not only applies to the initial installation, but also regular service checks. If it is a public business, regular electrical system audits might actually be required by law. Failing to do so not only puts customers at risk, the business owner could be facing expensive fines and penalties. If a problem is discovered, the company could be forced to close until repairs are made.

Electrical Installations on Centreville, MD properties should never be done by someone without experience. Not only is it easy to make a mistake with the often complicated wiring, it can also be dangerous. While there are currently no regulations, in some states, that prevent a property owner from installing electric wiring and components some things really are best left to the professionals. Regardless of whether it is a new security system or automated lights, anytime electrical components are added it should be done by a professional. Pullin Electric boosts over three decades of expertise, and are available for a no obligation consultation.