Electrical Repair for Manassas, VA Homes and Businesses

In Manassas, VA, electrical repair is vital to keep homes, offices, factories and retail shops in operation. The experts at Pullin Electric are the go-to team in the area. They have been helping home and business owners for over 35 years, providing skilled work for all types of problems.

Types of Residential Electrical Repair

In Manassas, VA, residential electrical repair is needed for big and small jobs. Wall outlets can stop working and appliances need installation. Homeowners can decide to remodel and add a new room, which needs complete wiring service that fits in with the rest of the home.

One big job that people trust to Pullin Electric is an electrical upgrade. Modern homes use a multitude of appliances and electronics, all of which need a reliable source of power. Older homes have electrical systems that deteriorate over time, causing safety issues. An upgrade reduces fire hazards and ensures that there is adequate power to keep every member of the family happy.

Types of Commercial Electrical Repair

Modern businesses rely on internet connections, computers and advanced electronics. When something goes wrong, the entire commercial enterprise can be affected. That’s why businesses in Manassas, VA, rely on commercial electrical repair done by the experts at Pullin Electric.

The skilled electricians on staff at Pullin know how to diagnose problems and repair them so they stay fixed. They do minor repairs like installing new outlets or fixing wires that are damaged. But they also do major work like power control panel upgrades, wiring for hazardous locations and LED retrofits and new installations.

Pullin can install site lighting and control systems, as well as switchgear lighting, and wiring for new build-outs. They are known for their expert generator system installation, using Generac products.

The team at Pullin regularly handles data and low voltage wiring systems as well as all types of energy equipment service and maintenance.

Choose Experience

Pullin Electric has been serving the local community for more than 35 years. Over that time, they have earned a reputation for quality workmanship, excellent products and materials and competitive prices.

Electricians at Pullin are known for attention to detail and a high level of communication and customer service that they bring to every job. Customers are always kept in the loop. On a Pullin job, there are never any unwelcome surprises about deadlines and costs.

Pullin Electric has a team of first-class electricians, all licensed and highly skilled. They have the latest training in equipment and best practices. Whether it is a residential or commercial job, they know how to fix it.

Pullin handles a range of electrical work, including:

  • Generac generator sales, installation and servicing
  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical problems
  • Security work like lighting, DVR systems and cameras
  • Data and low voltage wiring
  • Wiring for tenant build-outs
  • Wiring for well water and septic systems
  • Wiring for new construction

When it is time for electrical repair in Manassas, VA, call the expert team at Pullin Electric.