Electrical Repair for McLean, VA Homes and Businesses

Can I reset my circuit breaker without calling an electrician?

Yes, you can. It’s a straightforward procedure. Go to the box and find the breaker that is in the center of it. Turn it off completely. Don’t be surprised to feel a bit of resistance, due to the action of the spring that is inside the rests. Then start the breaker again. This is all it takes to reset the breaker.

If you find that it doesn’t fix your problem, call the electrical repair experts in McLean, VA, at Pullin Electric. An electrician can come out to diagnose the problem, and answer any questions you have about resetting the breaker.

Is it safe to work on my outlets and switches myself, without calling an electrician?

It depends on how much electrical knowledge you have. Switches and outlets can be complicated. According to the experts at Pullin Electric, the electrical repair company in McLean, VA, always approach the situation with a Safety First attitude. That means before you touch them, be sure you have completed turned off the circuit breaker and the power to the unit.

Once you have the power off, you can start working on the switch or outlet. Check YouTube or one of the do-it-yourself websites for detailed instruction. Be sure to keep the wires straight:

  • Join the longer slot on the outlet to the white wire, which is neutral.
  • Join the black wire, which is hot, to the small end
  • Join the green wire, which is bare, to the slot on the ground.

I have a small microwave that keeps tripping the circuit breaker or blowing a fuse. What can I do about this?

There is probably something wrong with your microwave. Unplug it right away. Then take it down to an appliance repair shop. You might need to replace it.

This is also true for any piece of equipment that gives you a shock. It is important to unplug it immediately. Then take it in to an electrical repair shop in McLean, VA, to get it looked at.

There is a possibility that you have too many appliances on a single circuit. You can call an electrician to test it. He can upgrade your circuits to handle more devices.

My house is older and uses aluminum wiring. Someone told me it isn’t safe. Is that true?

Aluminum was commonly used in the 1970s. But over the following decades, experts discovered that it caused several house fires. Most building codes no longer allow it to be used in new construction or replacement.

If your wiring is working, then don’t worry. But if you need to replace it, be sure to use modern alternatives. Call the electrical repair specialists in McLean, VA, at Pullin Electric for more information.