Generator Service for Great Falls, VA Homeowners

Installing a whole house generator or a commercial generator can keep a family or business productive even if the power goes out. Most of the time, when a storm pulls down wires, an essential piece of equipment malfunctions or the grid breaks down, routine comes to a halt.

But not when a generator is in place. It keeps the electricity flowing. Appliances run, the heat stays on and electronics work. For businesses, a generator means essential services can be delivered and staff can keep working.

But this needs dependable generator service in Great Falls, VA, the kind that Pullin Electric delivers. The company has been serving the local community for over three decades, providing reliable service 24/7/365.

How Generators Make Life Easier

Pullin sells and services Generac generators for its commercial and residential customers. These units are the #1 selling brand in the country. They have earned a reputation for their strength and reliability. They turn on automatically, even when the owner is present, so electricity is delivered seamlessly after an outage.

These generators are connected directly to the home or business electrical panel. There is no need to string power cords throughout the building to deliver the electricity to appliances and equipment. And they get their own power from the liquid propane or natural gas hookup already in place on the property. Filling up the generator from a gas can is a thing of the past.

Regular Service for Reliability

Pullin Electric services the generators it sells throughout storms and outages. Company technicians are available 24/7 generator service in Great Falls, VA.

This means that commercial and residential customers are assured of a dependable source of power, whatever happens to the regular electricity supply. Pullin is there, not just for installation, but also for maintenance.

Work with Experts

Over the last 35 years, Pullin Electric has earned a solid reputation for dependability and sterling generator service in Great Falls, VA. The company sells Generac generators because they are known for the strength, power and reliability. Together, Pullin and Generac assure homeowners and business people of steady delivery of electricity.

People in the community trust Pullin. Its team is out in all weathers, making sure that the generators they sell and service stay up and running. They also trust Pullin for a wide range of other electrical needs. The company handles big jobs and little jobs with the same attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Pullin Electric works on a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Sales, installation and serving for Generac generators
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Wiring for data and low voltage projects
  • New construction wiring
  • Remodeling and renovation wiring
  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical problems
  • Well water and septic system wiring
  • Security projects, including video camera, lighting and DVR systems

For generator service in Great Falls, VA, call the team at Pullin Electric today.