Generator Service for Manassas, VA Homeowners

Storms, downed power lines and equipment failures make life difficult for homes and business. In Manassas, VA, generator service can spell the difference between comfort and safety, or a day without heat, light and security. A standby generator made by Generac, the brand recommended by the team at Pullin Electric, produces a steady flow of power during any power outage.

How Generator Service Works

Modern standby generators made by Generac are easy to operate and reliable. Generac actually pioneered the entire field of residential standby generators, leading the field since the late 1950s.

These generators don’t require cords laid all over a home or business to deliver the power. The unit plugs directly into the building’s power supply. And there is no need to worry about messy gas cans to keep the generator operating. Instead, the unit uses fuel from the propane or natural gas system already in place.

Generac is sold by Pullin because it has a reputation for durability and power. In fact, 7 out of 10 families who decide to invest in a standby generator choose Generac.

Get Questions Answered with a Free Assessment

Generator service in Manassas, VA, is a major investment for a home or business. That’s why the team at Pullin Electric recommends a free on-site assessment. An expert in Generac generators, either commercial or residential, comes out to answer questions and explain the installation process.

He will locate the best spot for the generator and find out what the owner needs from the system. He has the training and experience to answer all types of questions. Pullin wants all its customers to have the full facts so they can make the best decision possible.

Pullin Electric is known for the transparency of its transactions. There are never any unwelcome surprises about costs or deadlines.

Work with Experts

Pullin Electric is a family-owned company that has been helping the local community for more than 35 years. They have a reputation for really caring about their customers. The skilled team at Pullin handles all types of electrical problems and services, including selling, installing and servicing Generac generators.

Pullin is in the elite group of Generac Power Pro Dealers, meaning they can offer their customers the best prices anywhere from the manufacturer. Pullin also offers 24-hour emergency generator service in Manassas, VA, so homes and businesses are always covered.

Pullin handles a wide variety of electrical services for homes and businesses, including:

  • Generac sales, installation and service
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Wiring for low voltage systems and data systems
  • Security lighting, DVR and video cameras
  • Wiring for new construction
  • Wiring for septic and well water systems

For skilled generator service in Manassas, VA, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.