Generator Service for Potomac, MD Homeowners

In Potomac, MD, generator service from Pullin Electric keeps these units working throughout storms and power outages of all types. Though Generac generators, the type Pullin sells, are among the most reliable made, problems can happen. And Pullin is ready.

The company has a skilled team ready 24/7 to keep generators in peak condition. The experts at Pullin handles both commercial and residential generator service in Potomac, MD. They have earned a reputation for dependability and quick response times.

Pullin Sells Generac, the Best Made

Pullin has looked over all the generators sold and picked Generac as their brand. They are electricians and know how to assess these units with a professional eye. Generac has earned their loyalty because of the brand’s reputation for reliable performance, strength and power.

Generac has been making generators since the late 1950s. They developed the first practical motor. The company keeps innovating with each new model. Their units work much like central heating or air conditioning units, providing power directly to the building’s electrical panel.

These sophisticated devices get their own power directly from the liquid propane or natural gas sources already on the property. They start automatically, even if the owner isn’t around. That means appliances, security systems and electronics are assured of a steady, seamless source of electricity, even in an outage.

Emergency Service and Daily Electrical Help

Pullin Electric has teams available for generator service in Potomac, MD, around the clock. When homeowners and business people buy a Generac generator from them, that’s just the start of a relationship built on trust and service. Pullin is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and quality workmanship to every customer.

The company handles a wide range of electrical jobs, not just generators. For businesses, they can install and fix wiring in hazardous locations, do LED retrofits and new installations. Technicians maintain energy equipment and provide wiring for data and low voltage projects. They wire switchgear and tenant build-outs.

For homeowners, they provide smart home automation systems, wiring for new construction and appliance installation. They can install security systems and wiring for septic and well water systems.

Work with Experts

Pullin Electric has been serving the local community for over 35 years. Local residents and business people trust them for generator service in Potomac, MD, as well as a variety of electrical projects. The company has earned a reputation for excellent customer service and quality workmanship. People trust them because they are dependable and transparent in their dealings.

Pullin Electric handles a range of jobs, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical problems
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Data and low-voltage wiring
  • Security systems, including cameras, lighting and DVR
  • Wiring for well water and septic systems
  • Wiring for new construction and remodels
  • Installation and service of Generac generators

For generator service in Potomac, MD, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.