Backup Generator Maintenance for Great Falls, VA Homes

If you’re like most people, you don’t really know a lot about electricity. It’s just not a topic that’s much on your mind. You flip a switch and the lights come on when you want and need them to. Until they don’t.

Let’s face it, storms happen. Accidents happen, and sooner or later, the power is going to fail. What will you do when that happens?

Many people don’t have a backup plan at all, so when the lights go out, they’ll wind up moving with electricity-enabled friends and family until the grid comes back up, but when you think about it, that’s not much of a solution.

An increasing percentage of people though, are taking a more proactive approach and investing in a home generator to provide at least some level of backup power in the event of an emergency. It’s a great idea but buying a home generator is more complex than first meets the eye.

When viewed from a high level, there are basically two types of generators you can consider: portable and stationary.

Portable generators tend to be smaller, designed to be rolled out when the power fails, then tucked into storage until you need them again. They also tend to have smaller capacities. Sure, they’re capable of keeping a few lights on and running your most critical appliances, but most portable generators aren’t capable of running your house unless your electricity needs are quite small.

Fixed, or stationary generators, on the other hand, can be as big as you want or need them to be.

Whichever variety you opt for, you can buy generators that run on a variety of fuel types. You can even find solar generators, and a few that run on more than one type of fuel, which is very handy, but simply buying a generator is only part of the equation.

Generators are, after all, a form of insurance. They’re your hedge against the lights going out, giving you at least some means of responding and functioning until they come back on again, but in order to fulfill that role, you’ve got to consider the notion of backup generator maintenance in Great Falls, VA.

When the lights go out, your generator just needs to work. There’s no room for error or doubt. When you start it up, you absolutely need it to rumble to life and start doing its job.

That’s why backup generator maintenance in Great Falls, VA is so critical, and why we recommend that at least once a year, and preferably once a season, you start your generator up and run it for a while, even if you don’t need the power. Doing so will verify that everything is in good working order.

We also recommend calling a licensed professional to come inspect your equipment at least once a year. The main advantage here is that unless you know a lot about generators, you may miss a potential or slowly forming problem, which could cause the generator to fail at precisely the wrong moment.

By having a licensed professional come inspect your gear at regular intervals, any potential problems can be caught and addressed before they can interrupt the flow of power in the case of an emergency, and that’s exactly why our backup generator maintenance service in Great Falls, VA is so popular. We give our clients peace of mind and ensure that when they need their equipment, it will work reliably, every time. Although we carry and sell a complete line of Generac generators, our techs are capable of servicing any make, model or brand of generator, so even if you didn’t buy one from us, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve seen far too many people treat generators as a set and forget solution. Unfortunately, they’re not, and if you don’t place a sufficient amount of emphasis on backup generator maintenance in Great Falls, VA, or forego it altogether, you’re setting yourself up for problems down the road, at exactly the time when you need your backup power the most.

Of course, backup generator maintenance in Great Falls, VA is just one small part of what we do. If you know you want a generator, but you haven’t made a purchase yet, it bears spending some time thinking about how much capacity you’ll need.

Some people prefer to buy enough generating capacity to just handle the basics, while others want to run absolutely everything in their homes for the duration of the outage.

That though, brings up an interesting question: How much power do you actually use and need? If you’re not sure, the best way to find out is to conduct a thorough home energy audit. That can be a daunting task if you’re trying to do it on your own, but we can help. Home energy audits are another of the many services we provide.

We’ll send one of our skilled technicians out, assess your situation and help you understand how much energy you’re using, and what the biggest draws on power are. Once you understand that, you can start making smart decisions about how much generating power you’ll need, based on the figures we produce via the audit, your aims and goals, and of course, the budget you’ve got to work with.

If you opt to buy one of our world-class Generac generators, we’ll come out and install it for you, teach you how to use it, and if you like, put you on our maintenance program right then. That way, it’s not even something you have to think about.

If you’re a committed do it yourselfer and you know a lot about generators, you could probably handle the maintenance on your own, but if you’d rather leave it in our capable hands, our backup generator maintenance in Great Falls, VA is quite comprehensive. Among other things, we will:

  • Perform a thorough visual inspection of the mechanical and electrical components
  • Check the oil and the oil filter and replace if and as needed
  • Check the fan belt, perform a coolant flush if applicable, depending on the kind of generator you’ve got
  • And test the generator under load to make sure that it’s functioning properly and there are no surprises

Once you’ve got a backup power system in place, another thing you may want to consider is home automation. Recent advances in technology have taken home automation to a whole new level. It’s never been easier to exert fine-grained control over just about every aspect of your home, and we can help with that as well!

We’ve got more than 35 years of experience in the industry and have made it a point to keep up with all the latest technological trends. We can put our in-depth knowledge to work for you, turning your home into a high-tech paradise that allows you to control every major system, even when you’re not home and do things like monitor your power usage, which ties back into your backup power system. After all, even if you’ve invested in a whole-home generator, when the grid is offline, you’ll want to monitor your total energy usage closely so you can make better, more efficient use of your available fuel.

Even when the grid is running smoothly, the ability to closely monitor how much power you’re using will make your household more efficient, which will save you money, and at the end of the day, a dollar saved spends just as well as a dollar earned!

The bottom line is, whatever your needs are where your home’s electrical system is concerned, we’ve got you covered. We’re ideally positioned to help you with anything from upgrading your home’s electrical system and adding a few much-needed outlets, to right-sizing your backup generator and keeping it in good working order for you, to designing a robust smart system that will allow you to exert an unbelievable level of control over every critical system in your house.

We’ve built our reputation by exceeding the expectations of each and every customer we serve, and we’d love to add you to our growing family. Give our office a call today.