Home Automation for Manassas, VA Homes

Alarm systems are both useful and easy to figure out. Many people start with entertainment centers and home theaters because they are so much fun. But actually they are among the most complex of all home automation systems in Manassas, VA. Other systems you can try are:

  • Lighting controls, which are easy to understand and operate
  • Temperature control
  • Energy management

I heard that home automation systems are still too expensive for the average homeowner. And to wait until the technology came down in price. Do you agree?

Definitely not. These systems are affordable today. You need to consult with a home automation expert in Manassas, VA, like the ones at Pullin Electric, in order to get a price quote.

These vary depending on how big the house is, the number of systems you want to control and how many bells and whistles you want. But a starter system is surprisingly inexpensive. They are also reliable, practical and a lot of fun.

Which system do homeowners get the most use out of?

All of them are useful, depending on your needs. For example, did you know you can click a Vacation button to trigger:

  • Lowering the thermostat
  • Setting the security system
  • Turning lights on and off randomly so people will think someone is home

Pretty neat, huh? If you work at home, you can set the system to let you know when a delivery person is at your front door. When he rings your doorbell, his picture will appear on your smartphone and you can automatically talk to him, wherever you are in the house. If he looks trustworthy, you can unlock the door and let him come in all without moving from your original position.

What if the system goes haywire? Does that mean I couldn’t turn off my lights using the light switches on the wall?

You’re safe. Even if the system developed a glitch, you can still turn lights on and off using wall switches. You are still master of your home.

I was told that smart homes have been around since the 1930s. Is that true?

Yes, it is! At the World’s Fair in New York City in 1939, engineers put together a model home of the future. Called a wired home, it let people open, close drapes and turn lights on and off, and operate certain appliances.

I’m technologically challenged. Will my home automation in Manassas, VA, be difficult to figure out?

Modern home automation systems are easy to install and to program. After that, they are ready to go. Most of the work involved is just pushing a button. Can you work your smartphone? If you can handle that, you won’t have any trouble with your home automation.