Home Controls for Manassas, VA Homes

Pullin Electric has been dedicated to staying current with the latest technology, and this includes installing home controls in Manassas, VA residences. Over the last few years these automated systems have soared in popularity, and there are several reasons why. Home automated controls can add safety and security, along with help reduce energy consumption. These systems are also easy to operate, especially if it was configured and installed by Pullin Electric. With over three decades of experience this full service electric company is more than qualified to answer all of their customers’ questions. Some of the ones frequently asked often include the following.

1. Are home controls in Manassas, VA residences easy to use?

Nothing could be simpler to operate than a home automated system. During the initial consultation Pullin Electric will carefully inspect the home, and take the time to get to know each client. This will allow them to configure a system that fits their lifestyle, and is easy and convenient to use. To ensure that their customers are getting the most out of their home controls, Pullin Electric will carefully go over every aspect once the installation is complete.

2. How do home controls work in a Manassas, VA house?

These systems are relatively simple, considering everything that they can do. This is due to what Pullin Electric calls the “internet of things”. It is the foundation of every home automation system, and it is what allows it to work. Thanks to it home owners can control everything connected to it with their voice or a touch of a button on the keypad. The licensed technician will also explain all of these important details during the installation.

3. Can only lights be integrated onto home controls in Manassas, VA?

During the consultation Pullin Electric will find out exactly what their customers want to control with the automated system. Indoor and outdoor lights are almost always integrated in, along with air conditioners and other often used appliances. Security systems can also be easily controlled for added protection when the property owner is home or away. Electric door locks and garage doors can also be integrated onto the system. With Pullin Electric’s thirty five years of experience, there is very little that can’t become a part of a home control system.

4. Is it expensive to install home controls?

Pullin Electric is proud to be able to provide their clients with high quality service at a competitive price. They also like to point out that a home control system can help property owners save on their monthly electric bills. Over time this can pay for the cost of the home controls, making it one more reason Pullin Electric is glad to be able to bring this technology to their customers.