Home Controls for Potomac, MD Homes

Home controls are gaining in popularity in Potomac, MD residences. It seems like everyone wants to turn their house into a smart home. There are several advantages to home automation that include added safety and security, along with the potential for energy savings. Best of all these systems are generally easy to use, especially if it was configured and installed by Pullin Electric. With over thirty five years of experience, this family owned full service electric company is more than capable of designing and installing home controls in any Potomac, MD house. This also makes them uniquely qualified to answer their customers’ most frequently asked questions.

1. How do home controls work in Potomac, MD houses?

This is a common question and Pullin Electric refers to this innovative technology as the “internet of things”. It is the foundation of every home automation system, and makes it possible for property owners to control everything connected to it with their voice or a press of a button on the convenient keypad. During the consultation and again after the system is installed, Pullin Electric will go over every aspect of the home controls with the client.

2. Can only lights be controlled with an automated system?

Indoor and outdoor lights can be integrated onto a home control system for a Potomac, MD house, but they are not the only things. During the initial consultation the staff at Pullin Electric will find out exactly what the client needs and expects from the system, and will work with them to ensure that everything is connected. Whether it is a security system, appliances or a garage door opener, Pullin Electric will make sure that it fits their customer’s lifestyle. It is this commitment to their customer’s complete satisfaction that has made this family owned business one of the premier full service electric companies in the area.

3. Are home controls easy to use?

Even though almost any electrical device can be integrated into these systems, they are still surprisingly simple to use. Part of this is due to the skill and experience of the licensed technicians from Pullin Electric. They will take the time to ensure that the home owner understands exactly how to use their new automated system. Whether it is set for voice control or keypad, home owners will quickly discover how simple the new technology is to use.

4. Are these systems expensive?

Pullin Electric is proud to be able to provide high quality service at a competitive price. They also want to point out that a home automated system can actually help save money on monthly energy bills. When it is time to bring a house into the 21st century, trust Pullin Electric to turn it into a smart home.