Home Generator Oil Change for Manassas, VA Homes

How long has it been since you had a home generator oil change on your Manassas, VA property? If you’re not sure, then before you turn your generator on, you’ll almost certainly want to have it checked.

Maintenance though is one of those things that seems to get pushed to the bottom of most people’s to-do lists. The good news is, we can help with that! We’ve been proudly serving the area for years, and in addition to the full range of electrical services we provide, we also offer a comprehensive generator maintenance program, which includes making sure your system gets a home generator oil change in Manassas, VA when it needs it.

In terms of how often the oil should be changed, that varies from one model to the next, depending on exactly what generator you’ve got, but a good rule of thumb is that you should change the oil after about every thirty to fifty hours of use.

Don’t worry, our technicians are some of the most talented you’ll find anywhere. We’re familiar with all major brands of equipment and can ensure that it gets exactly the care and maintenance it needs.

Don’t have a generator yet? If so, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people don’t, but here’s the thing: Sooner or later, you know the power is going to fail. Whether it’s caused by an auto accident that sees a car plowing into a power line pole and knocks it down, a winter storm or hurricane that knocks large parts of the grid out, off commission, or something else entirely, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

When it does, if you don’t have a backup plan, what are you and your family going to do until the lights come back on? Remember, depending on the severity of outage, you could be without lights for just a few hours, or several weeks.

Staying with friends and family for that long might be impractical, most people can’t afford several weeks’ worth of motel bills and living in a home without power is just a nonstarter, which is why most people wind up concluding that a generator is the best way to protect themselves.

Not sure how big a generator you need? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on that front too. Just give our office a call, and we can send one of our techs out to your home to perform an assessment and make a professional recommendation.

There are multiple ways of arriving at right-sizing the generator for your home. The simplest is to figure out which appliances are the most critical and how much power you’ll need to run them. Unfortunately, that approach is, by definition, going to limit you to just having the basics if and when the power fails.

A more comprehensive approach would be to have a home energy audit performed, so you know exactly how much power you’re using. Once you have a firm handle on that, you’ll be able to source a generator that’s big enough to meet all your needs.

You should know that we carry a full line of exceptional generators, and if you choose to buy one from us, we’ll have our guys come out, install it for you, instruct you in its use, and if you like, sign you up for our preventive maintenance contract, which of course, will include a home generator oil change in Manassas, VA, any time you need one. Give our office a call today.