Home Generator Repair for McLean, VA Homes

What’s your backup plan in the event that the lights go out? In this part of the country, it’s bound to happen. It’s not really a question of if, but more a question of when.

For many, a generator is the go-to backup power solution, and it’s a good choice. After all, there are a variety of generators for sale of all shapes and sizes, so there’s something to fit every need and budget. If all you want is a small, portable generator capable of running a few lights and keeping your critical appliances operational, you can do that.

If you want a more robust, whole-home solution that can run everything until the power grid is repaired, you can do that too. Generators are an excellent form of insurance, but that’s only true if they receive proper maintenance. If there’s one key to making sure your generator does the job you need it to, it’s home generator repair in McLean, VA.

As with any piece of machinery, your generator needs regular inspection and maintenance, so you know you’ll be able to rely on it when you need to. That’s why we recommend that at least once or twice a year, you fire it up whether you need it or not and perform a visual inspection to make sure everything is in good working order.

If you’re not mechanically inclined and want to delegate that out, we offer a comprehensive home generator repair service in McLean, VA, and would be happy to do it for you. Our expert technicians can spot problems while they’re still small, fixing them for a fraction of what it would cost if they have time to become bigger problems.

Another thing to consider is this: If you purchased your generator some time ago, it’s probably worth reassessing your situation. After all, needs change and evolve with the passage of time, and if you purchased a small, portable generator several years back, you might find it wholly unsuitable for your purposes today. That’s especially true if you purchased the initial generator without performing a home energy audit to properly assess your energy usage and needs.

Right-sizing is an important consideration when selecting a generator, and the simple truth is that it might be time for an upgrade. We can help with that too, so before you break out the checkbook and make another purchase, give us a call. We’d be happy to come assist you with assessing your current needs and making a professional recommendation.

You should also know that in addition to offering a comprehensive home generator repair service in McLean, VA, we also carry a full line of exceptional Generac generators and would be happy to install one for you. That gives you a world-class, properly sized backup, and tremendous peace of mind.