House Generators for Potomac, MD Homeowners

A house generator in Potomac, MD, can keep a family safe and warm when the power goes out. Instead of camping out with candles, flashlights and lots of blankets, members can go on with their daily routine in comfort and convenience.

The pros at Pullin Electric recommend the Generac brand house generator in Potomac, MD. Generac actually invented the entire category of home backup generators, producing the first affordable model back in 1959.

What Does a House Generator Do?

A house generator provides standby power during a storm or power outage. It is a permanent installation, much like an air conditioning system, that turns on automatically when it senses that the standard power to the home has been interrupted.

The system is connected directly to a home’s main electrical panel. Homeowners can choose units that back up everything in the house or just essential items.

A house generator is easy to use. It turns on automatically and delivers power through the home’s electrical system. That means there are no cords to trip over from the generator to the devices and appliances that need power.

It doesn’t need to be constantly refueled. There is no mess or fuel cans to worry about. The generator is connected to the home’s in-place natural gas or liquid propane system.

Getting a Free in-Home Assessment

Homeowners are often confused about what a house generator can do for them. They don’t understand how it works, the cost and what it will power in an emergency.

That’s why Pullin Electric has set up a free in-home assessment. A professional from Pulllin, who has a thorough knowledge of Generac generators, comes out to the house to discuss the needs of the family.

He explains what is involved in the installation, the cost options, helps the owner choose a practical location for the unit and provides a written estimate of all costs.

Work with Experts

The experienced team at Pullin Electric has been keeping home and business customers productive and comfortable for over three decades. They understand how to assess the needs of a home for a house generator in Potomac, MD, and how to install and maintain it.

Pullin, which is family-owned and operated, handles a wide range of electrical needs, both residential and commercial. They have built a reputation for competitive pricing, careful workmanship and excellent customer service. People trust their recommendations and their work.

Pullin Electric does a variety of electrical and related jobs for home and business owners, including:

  • Installation, service and maintenance of Generac generators
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Security lighting, video cameras and DVR systems
  • Septic and well wiring
  • Data and low voltage wiring
  • Wiring for new construction
  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical issues

Call the experts at Pullin Electric today for a free, no-obligation assessment for a house generator in Potomac, MD.