Industrial Electrician for Manassas, VA Homes and Businesses

If you run, own, or manage any type of industrial concern, then you know that your electrical needs are very different from just about everyone else in your community. Your power needs are generally orders of magnitude greater, and the control systems that keep the electricity flowing to all parts of your operation are more advanced, robust, and complex than just about anything you’ll find in a commercial operation or a residence.

Given that, not just any electrician will do when it comes to managing your electrical systems. You need the best industrial electrician in Manassas, VA. That’s us. A family-owned and operated company, we’ve been proudly serving the region for years, and nobody understands the particular needs of industrial power systems better than our skilled electricians. We have the experience you need to maintain, manage, and expand your industrial electrical systems and would love the opportunity to impress you.

As the top-rated industrial electrician in Manassas, VA, we do a lot more than simply maintain the systems you have; however, there are a number of different ways we can assist you that extend far beyond that. In this article, we’ll detail two of them.

Backup Power Generation

If you don’t yet have a robust backup power generation system in place, you’re not doing your business any favors. Most people don’t fully appreciate just how fragile our national power grid fails, even though the evidence of that is on full display every year.

Storms knock out power for millions, often for weeks at a time. Acts of vandalism can shut down entire sections of a city. Even something as simple as a traffic accident can cause the power to fail. When those things happen, it instantly transports impacted customers back in time by more than a hundred years, and worse, if you don’t have a backup generation system in place, you are entirely at the mercy of the employees of the electric company. You can’t reopen your doors until they get the problem fixed, and every day that passes, that simple fact costs you money.

How long can you afford to bleed red ink? If a power outage extends for days or weeks, how much pressure can your business take before you’re forced to close your doors for good, and do you want to give unnamed others that kind of power over your business?

For most people, the answer to that question is, of course, a resounding no, but installing and maintaining a backup power generation system isn’t as simple as cracking open your checkbook and making a purchase. It’s a process, and as the premier industrial electrician in Manassas, VA, it’s a process we can help you with at every step of the way.

The first step in the process of right-sizing a backup generator for your operation is the performance of a thorough energy audit. That’s something you can do yourself or designate one of your employees to take care of, but if you want to be sure that nothing gets missed, your best bet is to enlist the aid of an experienced expert, and as the best industrial electrician in Manassas, VA, it’s one of the many services we provide.

We’ll step through your operation and carefully log every machine and device you have that uses electricity, charting exactly how much it’s using. When we’re finished, you’ll have a snapshot of your operation from an electrical usage perspective and be able to tell at a glance what the major drivers of your monthly energy use are.

That’s valuable in and of itself because it allows you to zero in on specific pieces of equipment you can begin looking for more energy-efficient alternatives for. Then, when those pieces of equipment are slated to be retired, you can invest in the more energy-efficient equivalents and over time, lower your total energy bill.

Once you know what your total energy usage is, you’re well on your way to knowing how much generating capacity you need. If you like, you can simply stop here and buy a generator big enough to allow you to power absolutely everything, but there’s a problem with that approach. It’s expensive, and honestly, it’s probably not necessary.

Once you’ve got a detailed accounting of your total monthly energy needs, you can almost certainly find at least some fat to trim. Remember, it’s not really about running absolutely everything for the duration of the outage, it’s about gaining enough functionality to keep your doors open and operate at a minimum acceptable capacity until power can be restored.

Every business owner will have a different threshold here, so cut what you’re comfortable with cutting, and when you’re finished, you’ll have a number. Some amount of power you absolutely need to keep your doors open until the powers that be can get the lights back on. That defines the size of the generator you need.

Just as generators come in all shapes and sizes, they also come capable of utilizing a variety of different fuels, and that’s another important consideration. You’ll find gas-powered generators, solar-powered generators, generators that run on LP, and even some that accept a variety of fuel sources, which makes them tremendously flexible.

Choosing from among those comes down to a mix of personal preference, the availability of certain types of fuel, and how much of it you can realistically store on your property to power your generator for the duration of the outage.

The search can be a daunting one, but we can help with that. As the top-rated industrial electrician in Manassas, VA, we carry a full line of world-class Generac generators, and once we’ve completed the energy audit for you and you’ve had a chance to trim the fat, we’ll be in a position to make a professional recommendation about which generator is right for you.

Once you’ve made your selection, we can install it for you, instruct you and your staff on its use, and enroll you in our preventive maintenance program so you won’t have to worry about maintaining it when it’s not in use. That way, when you do find yourself in need of it, it just works, and that gives you tremendous peace of mind.

Electrical System Automation

For decades, industry experts have touted the imminent availability of smart, automated electrical systems that would usher in a new era of efficiency and cost savings potential for those who embraced them.

Unfortunately, the technology has only recently caught up with the hype. Finally, though, today, such systems are possible, and they really can save you a tremendous amount of money. After all, you probably make heavy use of automation in other aspects of your business, which makes embracing electrical systems automation a natural fit.

We can help with that. We’ve worked hard to stay on the bleeding edge of technological advancements, and our experts can help build a robust, highly integrated and automated system that will give you an unprecedented level of control over your energy usage.

Most people begin with the addition of a smart thermostat to control their HVAC equipment, but just about any smart machine or appliance can be incorporated into the system and the more of your equipment you add under the umbrella of our app, the more fine-grained your control becomes.

It gives you the opportunity to monitor your energy usage in real time and notes how the biggest drivers of your energy usage change over time. Not only does this give you the ability to rein in your energy use by powering certain devices down right from the app when you don’t need them, but it also enables you to identify opportunities for further energy savings down the road.

Where the energy audit represents a snapshot of your energy use in a moment in time, our app-based smart solution gives you that same information in real time, which can be absolutely invaluable.

A dollar saved is every bit as good as a dollar earned, and a smart, automated system like this can lead to tremendous savings. If it’s something you’re interested in exploring or pursuing, give us a call today and let’s talk about the possibilities!