Kohler Generators for Great Falls, VA Homeowners

What is the best size Kohler generator to get for my home?

The experts at Pullin Electric conduct a free, no-obligation home assessment before you sign up for installation of one of the Kohler generators in Great Falls, VA. The technician will help you decide what your needs are and how much power is suitable.

Can I save money by installing a Kohler generator by myself in Great Falls, VA?

These are complex appliances. Kohler recommends that your work with an authorized dealer like Pullin Electric. That way the work is done by specialists who understand the details of installation.

Can I power off the generator manually? I want to be prepared for anything.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is open the access door and move the circuit breaker to OFF. This is close to the digital controller. Right away the power is turned off to your home, called the no-load position. We recommend that you run the generator like this for a period of two to five minutes. Then you can click the OFF button that you’ll find on the controller.

What happens during a Pullin Electric free home assessment?

A trained technician will come out to your home to talk to you. At Pullin Electric, we want to be sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We understand that Kohler generators in Great Falls, VA, are a big investment.

The technician will walk around the house with you to find the best location for the generator. He will listen to your expectations for the generator and tell you what it can do for you. He is there to answer your questions about how to operate the generator, how much it will cost and any other topics you want to discuss.

He will carefully go over the financial end of it with you and leave you with all the resources you need to make your decision. He will give you a free estimate that is written down and fully explained. The entire assessment is entirely free and without obligation.

Are generators really helpful for a family? Can’t we just bundle up and light a few candles?

You certainly can. But compare that to sitting comfortably in a warm, toasty room as the storm roars outside. You have plenty of light and your electronic devices are working smoothly. You and your family members can entertain yourselves or keep working productively. For many families, generators have become a necessity.

Storms happen all through the year. Electrical grids can develop problems. A falling tree can cause equipment to malfunction. All through the year there is the possibility of losing power. With Kohler generators in Great Falls, VA, you no longer have to worry about the power going out.