House Generators for McLean, VA Homes and Businesses

Bad weather in Virginia normally means rain or snow that keeps us inside for two or three days. Occasionally, it does get bad enough to interrupt utility service by weighing down power lines. In rare cases, it even causes damage to power stations caught in the path of a storm. House generators in McLean, VA homes provide needed power at what are the worst possible times to be without it.

Pullin Electric has helped keep the power going for over 35 years. We sell, install, and service backup generators in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington D.C. metro area. Our company is an authorized dealer for Generac Power Systems, the number one wholesaler and U.S. manufacturer of diesel and gasoline generators for light commercial businesses, residential structures, and industrial facilities.

If you have concerns about your area utility company, or simply want to be prepared, now is the time to call us to install a personal, house generator in your McLean, VA home. It is particularly important if you have a family who needs special equipment or medicine kept at a steady temperature to deal with a continuous or recurring health issue.

As a Generac Power Pro Dealer, our company can offer services not available from other competitors in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington D.C. metro area. One of which is a free, in-home estimate. Our technicians carefully analyze your home and work extensively with you to determine your emergency power requirements.

Next, we show you the best locations to install a generator, explains the process for each one, and help pick the one that suits you. Our technicians then hand you a free, written estimate. We do this, so you have the information you need to choose a house generator for your McLean, VA home and hopefully choose us to install it for you.

Once installed, we make certain the Generac Power Supply remains a benefit to your home. That is why our 24-hour response team is probably the most important service we provide. Failure of a Generac product is rare, but if it happens, Pullin Electric is there immediately to resolve the problem and restore your power as quickly as possible.

Regardless if the problem is a blown transformer, a downed power line, or a storm that shuts down an entire state, we have the emergency generator for you. Every one of our generators contains a sensor that starts it up in a few seconds once it detects the power is off to your home. Having a Generac house generator in your McLean, VA home is the best to ensure your family’s comfort and safety.

To schedule your appointment and receive a free, in-home estimate, contact Pullin Electric at (571) 428-2326 today. Allow our family business to help keep your family and home safe.