Natural Gas Generators for Great Falls, VA Homeowners

Are natural gas generators in Great Falls, VA, safe?

Installing a backup generator in your home keeps you much safer than going without. These modern generators are made to the highest industry standards. When installed by experts, like the team at Pullin Electric, they are simple to operate, reliable and secure.

When you have a generator, you are not at the mercy of intruders, even if the power goes off. Your security equipment will keep operating without interruption. You can use your security camera to see who is on your property and your alarms will continue to operate.

You stay comfortable even if it’s freezing outside. You can safety and efficiently keep the heat running. In summer, you can use the air conditioning. Your food will stay safe from spoilage in the freezer and refrigerator.

The generator turns on automatically, even if you aren’t home. There are no power interruptions that might affect delicate electronics. Your security devices are always doing their job.

I don’t want to keep refilling the generator to keep it running. How do these generators get their fuel?

Natural gas generators in Great Falls, VA, get their fuel directly from your normal fuel supply. The equipment hooks up to the supply and the fuel is delivered automatically.

This simplifies your life. You never have to worry about hauling messy fuel cans to keep the generator operating. It all happens reliably without your intervention.

What types of equipment can this type of generator power?

Any appliance, electronic device or machinery that is powered by electricity will run when you use a generator. Basically, that’s almost all the equipment in your house, including:

  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Electronics like televisions and audio equipment
  • Security devices like cameras and alarms
  • Temperature control like heat and air conditioning

It means you can cook when the power is out, and your refrigerator and freezer will keep running.

You can use your computer, printer and scanner. You and your family can play video games and watch television.

No more trying to get around with a flashlight. Your lights will operate as they usually do. You’ll stay comfortable because the heat and air conditioning will run just like they normally do.

You choose which appliances and equipment to keep running during the outage. Some homeowners opt to keep everything on, while others choose just the essential like light and heat.

Pullin Electric, with over 35 years of experience, can help you stay safe and comfortable in any outage. An experienced pro can come out to your house for a free, in-home assessment. You get a chance to ask questions and you’ll receive a written estimate outlining all the costs.

Call Pullin Electric today for a free, no-obligation assessment, in your home, for natural gas generators in Great Falls, VA.