Natural Gas Generators for McLean, VA Homeowners

Why would I need natural gas generators in McLean, VA?

You need a reliable source of power if you ever lose power due to:

  • Weather extremes, like a wind storm or icy conditions
  • A power grid failure
  • A downed tree
  • Equipment malfunctions

With a backup generator, you don’t have to worry about losing electricity. The generator keeps the power flowing to all of your appliances and electronics. You can cook, keep the house at a comfortable temperature, use your computer, and entertain yourself with video games and television.

You’ll stay safer because your security system will continue to operate effectively. You can still see who is on your property via security cameras and your alarms will still work.

Is it messy to keep the generator operating?

When you have Pullin Electric install natural gas generators in your McLean, VA, home, you never need to worry about fueling. It hooks up to your normal natural gas fuel source.

Carrying gas cans to the generator is a thing of the past. The entire procedure is automatic. The fuel comes directly from your fuel supply, the one you use every day. You know there is enough to handle the power outage and keep your generator operating without delay or interruption.

What equipment can I run with this type of generator?

Homeowners like you who have installed a generator love the fact that it will operate everything in the house normally run by electricity. That’s because the generator sends power directly to your home’s electrical panel.

Power is delivered through the normal methods. You never have to deal with electrical cords that make walking on the floors a hazard. Your electronic devices, appliances and other equipment get their power in the normal manner.

You have complete control about which equipment is powered during an outage. Some families want everything to stay on. Others choose to power just the basics, like light and heat.

What if I’m not home when the power goes out?

No problem! The generator turns itself on automatically as soon as it detects a power outage. That means you never need to worry about expensive food spoiling in your freezer or refrigerator. You can maintain the temperature in your house. Your delicate electronics will stay on.

Pullin Electric offers homeowners like you a free, in-home assessment. An experienced professional can come out to your house and answer all your questions. He will help you choose the best spot to install the generator and explain how it works. You’ll get a written estimate that lists what the system will do and how much it will cost.

Call Pullin Electric today to schedule a free, in-home assessment for natural gas generators in McLean, VA.