Faqs About Residential Backup Power For Centreville, VA Homes

Power outages are a fact of life. This annoyance can and probably will happen to everyone at least once in their lives. Electrical failures can be caused by severe weather, and manmade accidents can also result in the lights going out. Not only is this inconvenient, it is dangerous to stumble around in the dark. This is why the experts at Pullin Electric recommends investing in residential backup power for their Centreville, VA clients. The staff at Pullin Electric also understands that their clients have concerns about backup power, which is why they have put together this brief list of their customers most frequently asked questions.

1. How much does it cost to have a residential backup power system installed in Centreville, VA?

Even though Pullin Electric is proud of their ability to provide their customers with affordable service, they want you to know that not every job is the same. This means that the cost of installing a standby generator will vary, depending on the specifics of the job. The size of the generator and home, along with where power and gas lines can be found will affect the price. Before any work is started, Pullin Electric will go over the project’s estimated to cost to ensure it fits your budget.

2. What is “residential backup power”?

Residential backup power in Centreville, VA is simply having a backup generator on the property. If it is installed by Pullin Electric, chances are it is manufactured by Generac Power Systems. This top-rated generator is convenient to own, and easy to use. You don’t even need to turn it on. It automatically kicks in, as soon as it senses that the electricity is out. Simple and convenient, it is easy to see why it is the top selling brand of generators in America.

3. Should an electrical technician be licensed and insured?

If you don’t want to be financially responsible for any accidents or damage that might occur when your generator is being installed, you want to hire an electrician that is insured and licensed to work in the state. At Pullin Electric all personnel are certified, and they are also insured.

4. Is experience important in an electrical service company?

Pullin Electric prides itself on staying current with the latest advances in service and technology. This has helped make them a recognized dealer of the top-rated generators in the country. They understand that every job will have different requirements and have the knowledge and experience needed to complete the project safely and properly. When you’re ready to have a residential backup power system in Centreville, VA home, schedule an appointment with Pullin Electric.