Residential Generators for McLean, VA Homeowners

Home owners don’t have to be left stumbling around in the dark just because the power is out. Cut electrical lines, equipment failure and storms can cause the power outages, and this is inconvenient for home owners. When the electricity goes out it can also be dangerous, but this can be avoided. Residential generators on Mclean, VA properties ensure that power outages are never a problem. The experts at Pullin Electric know how important it is for their customers to have a dependable source of power, which is why they have put together this list of their clients’ most frequently asked questions. They hope this will help address some concerns so their customers can make an informed decision regarding their backup electrical needs.

1. Why are residential generators good additions to Mclean, VA properties?

Pullin Electric recommends having residential generators installed on Mclean, VA properties for a couple of reasons. These generators manufactured by Generac are dependable, easy to operate and come with warranties for added peace of mind. Residents know that power outages are common, and this is reason enough to consider calling Pullin Electric for a free home assessment.

2. How are residential generators installed on Mclean, VA properties?

The first step is for Pullin Electric to conduct a free home assessment, before the generator is installed. Their licensed technicians will carefully inspect the property and home to determine the size generator is needed, along with the best location for it. It needs to be large enough to provide the property with the power it needs. Its location will affect its performance, and it is often placed near the air conditioner. Pullin Electric also provides a written estimate during the assessment, making it easier for customers to make the best decision for their electrical needs. It is this commitment to their clients that has helped make Pullin Electric one of the premier electrical service companies in Northern Virginia.

3. Why is it important for a residential generator to come with a warranty?

Malfunctions can even happen, though this won’t be a problem for home owners if their generator is manufactured by Generac. These residential generators come with warranties so property owners can rest assured that they purchased the best. Routine maintenance is also included by Pullin Electric as part of their service, effectively ensuring that their customers’ will always have a reliable source of power.

4. Should the electrical company be experienced?

Pullin Electric has over thirty-five years of experience in the industry. Their licensed and certified technicians have the knowledge and experience their customers have come to depend on, and they look forward to continuing their record of providing exceptional service at a competitive price.