Smart Homes in Centreville, VA

The smart home is a reality today in Centreville, VA. Homeowners can turn on appliances, let people in the door and turn off lights with just a click of a button. And they can do it from anywhere, from work or from across the country.

The Internet of Things, called IoT, is taking over. And Pullin Electric is at the forefront. They have the skilled, highly trained electricians on staff who understand how to install and repair smart home automation systems.

What Is Smart Home Automation?

Functions in the smart home in Centreville, VA, can be controlled remotely from far away. Owners can open drapes, turn up the heat, turn on an appliance, check the security camera or let someone into the house, all with the touch of a button or by the sound of their voice.

This type of home was the stuff of science fiction just two decades ago. Now it is reality in homes throughout the area. It operates using the internet and simple apps on smartphones and tablets. From across town or across the country, homeowners can control what goes on within the house.

How Does It Make Life Easier?

If a repairperson needs entry during the middle of the day, a homeowner with a smart home in Centreville, VA, can let him in, even if he is at his place of business. This makes it possible for him to check the service person’s credentials and decide whether or not to let him. With a few clicks, he can open the door.

The owner can turn up the heat or the air conditioner when he leaves work so the house is at a comfortable temperature by the time he gets there. He can turn on the lights so he doesn’t have to navigate a dark house.

Smart Electricians for Smart Homes

The skilled electricians at Pullin Electric are all licensed and thoroughly trained in all aspects of modern electrical work, including smart home design in Centreville, WA. They are constantly updated on the latest technology and best practices. They understand how to design a system that fits the needs of each family, how to install it properly and how to repair and maintain it.

Pullin Electric has a long history of service to the local community. For over 35 years, the team at Pullin has been helping local homes and businesses with every aspect of electrical work. This family-owned electrical contractor has earned a reputation for quality workmanship, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

People love the fact that Pullin electricians keep them in the loop while the work is being done. There are never any unwanted surprises when Pullin does the job. Customers understand what the deadlines are and how much each job will cost before the work is started.

Pullin Electric handles a wide range of electrical work, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Smart home automation
  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical problems
  • Sales, installation and repair of Generac generators
  • Wiring for new construction
  • Wiring for data and low voltage
  • Wiring for well water and septic systems
  • Security work, including lighting, cameras and DVR systems
  • Tenant build-outs

For smart home automation, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.