Smart Home Control for Centreville, VA Homes

In the last few years, smart homes have moved from the realm of science fiction into our kitchens, living rooms, and garages. We can lower the garage door, raise the temperature, turn on the lights, and check on the dog while picking up take-out at the local, taco fusion restaurant.

In Centreville, VA, smart home control frees homeowners to handle other tasks. Pullin Electric designs a residential network that centers around you and your family needs by linking environmental control, appliance usage and home security to one system. We call this an Internet of Things or IoT.

Since the purpose of the IoT is to make your life and your housework easier for you, our planners start with what you need. That means determining the number of people in the house, their schedules and the level of access for each. For families with younger children, this usually means no access or limited privileges such as controlling their tablet or television and raising and lowering the lights in their room at certain times; between 7 pm and 8 pm for example.

For older children, access can include turning off and back on the home security features. It allows them to enter the home after school without needing to contact a parent. We can limit the smart home control for this Centreville, VA teenager to a set number of hours. If he or she uses it outside their designated time, we can set up the IoT to send a notice to the parents via text message.

With multiple schedules, family time can be limited. Our IoT can help you make the most of it. With smart ovens and appliances, you can schedule the oven to be ready the moment you come home. It lets you serve meals quicker, and everyone has more time to talk about their day before it is time to go to the next tutoring session, team practice, or another event.

Centreville, VA smart home control also saves energy and reduces utility bills. When no one is home, the IoT network follows the schedule to reduce the heat or cool air depending on the time of year. It also turns off any lights accidentally left on in the morning. The network then raises or lowers the house temperature and turns on any needed lights or other appliances as the family comes home.

When our family-owned business opened 35 years ago, we specialized in running electrical wire into new homes and businesses, upgrading wire in existing homes, and some appliance installation and repair. Now, we support customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C. area as a licensed, electrical contractor.

Smart home control for Centreville, VA homes is rapidly becoming a standard feature, much like home computer access quickly became in the 90s. To schedule a visit and receive an estimate on what Pullin Electric can do for your home, call us today at (571) 428-2326.