Smart Home Control for Potomac, MD Homes

Automated or smart homes were the stuff of science fiction until recently. Many dreamed of being able to ask a question to a computer and have it do anything like in movies or TV. We are not there yet, but in Potomac, MD, smart home control devices are now almost as common as a dishwasher.

To get the best use out of the latest technology, Pullin Electric designs a home network specific to your needs. We call this network your Internet for Things or IoT. We start by determining what your needs are and what your expectations are for your new smart home. Our next step is to check the household appliances to make sure compatibility with the IoT. If not, we recommend replacements and install them ourselves if needed.

Understanding these issues is important. For a family home, it may be necessary to give partial access to the IoT to older children and teenagers. They may have to turn off the alarm after school and re-engage it after entering the home as well as turn off any interior motion detectors. We can set this up for parents to do remotely, but a Potomac, MD smart home control system also needs to be used smartly as well.

Remote access is also valuable when it comes to getting the best out of a home that now works for you. With the right appliances attached, Pullin Electric now provides you the ability to start, stop, interrupt, and start everything again from turning on a crock-pot to start dinner and slowly raising the temperature, so your home is comfortable without wasting energy. You can even unlock your front door with a voice command as you step out of your car.

Improving homes is important to us. We are a family-owned company with 35 years of experience in this area. We started as a local contractor, running electric wires into new homes and upgrading existing wiring to eliminate potential fire hazards. Pullin Electric looks at wireless routers and smart home control systems for our Potomac, MD neighbors as not just new toys, but as upgrades to help prevent new potential hazards.

We do not simply install and go on to the next home, however. Our employees follow trending home technology improvements and recommend changes if we see a real improvement in the service we can offer. We also provide information on how to integrate commercial items like personal assistants that let you order take-out and make a doctor appointment. After all, not everything in your life is about security cameras and turning up the heat when your feet get cold.

To learn more about what our smart home control systems can do for your Potomac, MD home, call us today at (561) 428-2326 to schedule a visit and receive an estimate.