Smart Home Installation for Centreville, VA Homes

You may have been hearing about the advantages of smart appliances. These days, a wide range of companies are making everything from smart washers and dryers, smart dishwashers, smart refrigerators, and even smart locks for your home.

It all sounds great, but what does that really mean? And more importantly, while an individual smart appliance is interesting, surely it can’t be as good as an integrated system of smart appliances in your home, right?

If this has been the path of your thinking, then this short piece is for you, and you’ll be pleased to know that you are correct. An integrated system of smart appliances really is superior, which is why an increasing number of savvy homeowners are having smart home installations performed in Centreville, VA.

As the top-rated electrician in the area, we can help with that. This comes as a surprise to a fair number of people. After all, electricians and smart home installation in Centreville, VA don’t seem, at least at first glance, to be directly connected, but we’ve worked hard to stay on the bleeding edge of technological innovation and we understand that such a system can save our clients a tremendous amount of money by lowering their monthly power bills.

The key here lies in two things: Not only are smart appliances incredibly energy efficient, but by having them all gathered under a single umbrella in the form of an intuitive app-based interface, it enables you to monitor the energy use and performance of each appliance you own, tweaking their settings and making incremental adjustments in real time to control your power usage.

Imagine, for example, being able to control your home’s thermostat from anywhere in the world, provided you can get an internet connection. If you’re on vacation and you forgot to turn the thermostat down before you left, it’s an easy thing to fix remotely.

When your vacation draws to a close, and you don’t want your family to come home to a cold house, it’s a trivial matter to turn the heat on while you’re en route back to your home so it’s nice and warm by the time you arrive, and in the meanwhile, you save money by having the temperature turned down while you’re away and can monitor it and the resulting savings in energy in real time.

A smart home installation in Centreville, VA also allows you to spot potential problems with any appliances connected to the system. If, for example, you notice a sudden spike in energy usage that’s above what you’ve been seeing from that appliance, it can act as an early warning sign that there’s a problem, allowing you to fix it before the expense spirals out of control.

If you’re interested in modernizing your home and taking an unprecedented level of control over your energy usage, call us today.