Smart Homes in Manassas, VA

In Manassas, VA, the smart home is revolutionizing how homeowners handle everyday chores. Even from work, they can let repair people into the house, check on the dogs, turn on appliances and control the temperature.

Just a couple of decades ago, all of this was the stuff of cartoons and science fiction. With the coming of the internet, technology advanced to meet fiction. Modern homes are a wonder of remote control and convenient oversight.

The Internet of Things

Without the Internet of Things, the smart home in Manassas, VA, wouldn’t be possible. It allows homeowners to check on what is going on within and on the outside of their homes by checking video cameras remotely. Just a smartphone or tablet is all that is necessary.

Usually referred to as IoT, the Internet of Things, makes full use of the communication potential of the internet. It allows direct connection with and control over appliances, heating and cooling devices, security systems and more.

Making Life Easier

A family member can check on his dog during the day, making sure he is still in the yard. He does this by looking at his exterior security camera, using an app on his mobile device. He can be across town or across the country.

A homeowner at work can connect to his home and easily turn on the heat so the house is comfortable when he arrives. He can turn on dinner so it is ready when he arrives. He can let repair people in, even if he isn’t there. The possibilities for convenience, safety and comfort are almost limitless.

Pullin Electric, at the Cutting Edge

Pullin Electric has been leading the way for electrical work in the local area for over three decades. Today they have expertise in smart home automation in Manassas, VA. Each electrician on staff is licensed and fully trained. All are constantly updated on the newest advances in electrical technology, especially with the smart home.

Pullin has earned a reputation for attention to detail over the last 35 years. They take the time to fully plan and design the smart home before beginning the work. That means each automation meets the specific needs of the family. The staff knows how to design, install, maintain and repair all types of smart home automation systems.

Pullin Electric is a family-owned electrical contractor. They offer competitive prices, superior materials and quality workmanship. When Pullin does the job, it is done right. Communication is central to their customer service. All customers are kept in the loop throughout the job. There are never any unwelcome surprises about deadlines or costs.

Pullin handles all types of electrical work, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Smart home automation
  • Diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical problems
  • Wiring for data and low voltage
  • Wiring for septic and well water projects
  • Wiring for new construction and remodels
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Security help for lighting, video cameras and DVRs
  • Sales, installation and repair of Generac generators

To get answers to questions about the newest in smart home automation in Manassas, VA, call the experts at Pullin Electric today.