Smart Home Systems for Manassas, VA Homes

What are these smart home systems in Manassas, VA, that I keep hearing about?

Smart home systems use advanced technology to give you more control over everyday actions in your house. It’s a bit like science fiction when you first hear about it. Have you ever wanted to:

  • Let a repair person into your home while you are many miles away at work?
  • Turn on the stove even though you’re not home so dinner will be ready?
  • Turn on the air conditioning a few minutes before you arrive home?

You can do all this and more when your home is hooked up for smart home technology.

Is a smart home system hard to operate?

If the work is installed by professionals, like the pros at Pullin Electric, these systems are extremely easy to operate. You can use your smartphone to turn on the heat, turn off the lights, power up the stove, and check the security camera.

For the elderly, it can make the house much more accessible. With the right smart home systems in Manassas, VA, a person can use voice commands to lock doors and manage the lights and temperature.

Can smart home systems in Manassas, VA, keep me safe??

You choose what type of functionality to install. And for most homeowners, that includes security systems. You can manage security cameras with this technology. Even when you are away on vacation, you can check to see who is on your property.

If you want to let a repair person in during the day while you are at the office, you can check his identification via security camera and unlock the door for him. When he leaves, you can lock up, all without leaving work.

Did your teen forget her key? No problem. You can let her in via your smartphone when she comes home from school.

Aren’t smart home systems really expensive?

Actually, most homeowners who have had one installed say they save them money. One big way it reduces expenses is by letting you control the temperature in your house. You can turn heat and air conditioning on an off with just a click of your smartphone.

When you sell your home, it will appeal to buyers interested in efficiency and convenience. It gives any house curb appeal and helps it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Do you have questions about smart home technology? The team at Pullin Electric is happy to answer your questions. The pros at Pullin can explain—in easy-to-understand language--exactly what this type of system can do and how much it costs. You can choose from a wide range of options and price points.

Call Pullin Electric today for a free, no-obligation quote for smart home systems in Manassas, VA.